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1-99 Players


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Finally! A playing card deck for kinksters who love a rousing game of Go Fish! in the dungeon.


There are two versions of this deck of 54 playing cards - the OG and the Onxy Edition. These playing cards are custom made for the whole leather family to enjoy - whether your poker is Texas Hold 'Em or Strip.

The suits have had a BDSM makeover giving you Ropes (for the "B"), Paddles (for the "D"), Hearts (for the "D/s") and Wheels (for the S&M).

The face cards, A, J, Q, and K are illustrated with kinksters from both sides of the slash, and their favourite toys.

Card Layouts - Original.png
Onyx Title.png

Are you the sort of kinkster who wears only shades of black?

Then the Onyx Edition was designed just for you.

Card Layouts - Onyx.png

The Dungeon Deck is available to purchase through The Game Crafter

in both Standard and Onyx editions.

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